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Elle Pierson Empowers Leaders, Workforces, and Their Organizations to Adopt a Brand-Centric Mindset

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Brand Reputation Is A Big Deal. What's Your BX Strategy?

Executive leaders, are you underestimating the impact of your brand reputation and Brand Experience (BX) strategy? Overlooking these critical components can lead to missed opportunities, decreased revenue, and substantial financial losses for your organization.

A strong BX strategy is not just about perception; it's about securing your organization's future success. Invest in your brand reputation and BX strategy today to differentiate your organization, engage your audience, and protect your bottom line.


Ready to take action? Book a workshop today to train your team members and enhance your organization's BX strategy. Let's work together to elevate your brand and ensure its long-term success.

Seeking a Seasoned Speaker?


Elle Pierson's expertise extends beyond corporate training and keynote speaking—she is also a distinguished TEDx alumna, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every engagement.


Speaking Topics

NOW BOOKING FOR Q3 2024 & 2025!

For Leaders

  • The ROI of Brand Leadership

  • Brand Mastery for Executive Leaders

  • Reputation Recovery for Organizations 

  • Crisis Tested Leadership: Ensuring Brand Integrity in Challenging Times

For Companies

  • The ROI of Customer Obsession

  • Omnichannel Service Recovery 

  • Complaint Compliance

  • Cultivating Brand Advocacy: Transforming Staff Into Ambassadors

For HealthCare Professionals

  • Healthcare Leader to Healthcare Consultant

Why Hire Elle

Why Hire Elle?

Elle stands out from the crowd as a speaker who goes beyond the ordinary. Prepare for an immersive experience that will have you on your feet, fully engaged, and ready to master a range of brand experience skills.


With Elle leading the way, you'll not only learn but also be inspired to implement these skills in your own work. Get ready to elevate your brand experience game to new heights!

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For Companies

For Leaders And Their Workforce

Virtual & Live Corporate Training Options Available.

For Healthcare Professionals
Chart & Stethoscope

For Healthcare Professionals

As a consulting business coach to aspiring and experienced healthcare  consultants, Elle hosts an abundance of healthcare consulting resources to help you launch your consulting business. 

Writing Supplies

Downloadable Speaker Sheet

Looking For Your Next Keynote Speaker or Corporate Trainer? Download Elle's Speaker Sheet.

"Attending Elle's service recovery stat class was a game-changer for me and my team. The immersive experience of having us dress up in hospital gowns truly drove home the importance of patient-centered care and the impact of our actions on patient satisfaction. Elle's engaging and innovative approach not only made the training memorable but also deeply impactful. I walked away feeling inspired and equipped with practical strategies to enhance our service recovery efforts. Thank you, Elle, for a transformative experience!"

Crystal | Methodist Hospital

"Attending Elle's training was a turning point for me and my colleagues. The hands-on approach, such as dressing up in hospital gowns, made the concepts of patient-centered care and service recovery tangible and relatable. I left the class feeling empowered and ready to implement new strategies to enhance our service recovery processes. Thank you for an inspiring and impactful session!"

Brittany | Oak Bend Medical

"Elle's 'Brand Mastery' training for executive leaders was nothing short of enlightening. As a leader, I've never received such comprehensive guidance on building and safeguarding my brand reputation. Elle not only provided invaluable insights but also equipped us with a clear game plan on how to protect our brand as leaders—an aspect of leadership training I had never experienced before. I now feel more confident and prepared to navigate the complexities of brand management in leadership. Thank you, Elle, for a truly impactful training!"

Robert | Parkland Health

Books by Elle


Service Recovery STAT By Elle Pierson

"Service Recovery STAT" is a practical resource for healthcare and customer service professionals. It offers step-by-step strategies for effectively managing and resolving conflicts, turning negative experiences into positive outcomes. Whether in healthcare or other industries, this guide provides essential tools for handling difficult situations with confidence and professionalism.


The Power of Expertise By Elle Pierson

"The Power of Expertise" is a practical guide for healthcare professionals entering the consulting industry. It offers essential advice and strategies for leveraging your experience to succeed in consulting. Whether you're a clinician or executive, this book will help you navigate the path to a successful consulting career.

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